Compliant, reman or compatible toner, what do these expressions mean?!

So; you probably heard it all; this toner cartridge is compatible, this one is remanufactured, that one is compliant; so what do these expressions mean?

Let's start with the Compliant toner cartridges; a compliant cartridge is a refilled OEM (original) cartridge by a third party that is authorised by the manufacturer so the refiled powder and the microchip that speaks to your printer or MFP is supplied by the original manufacturer to their partner who refills and sell those cartridge with the approval of the manufacturer.

So, why would a manufacturer authorise a third party to refill their cartridges you may ask! Well, they, probably realise that customers will buy from third party anyway and want to capture part of that market but at the end of the day that is better for the customers who will have lower cost alternative while staying with an approved by the manufacturer cartridge.

Next time we'll explain what reman toner mean.

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